Roo foraging wild garlic in Wales

Hello, my name is Roo Williams and this is a journal of a person from the city seeking a deeper connection to nature, and themselves.

Well, not strictly from the city. I came from an ex-steelworking town in the South Wales valleys. A town where people worked in factories, supermarkets or tanning salons and it was hard not to date your friend’s ex.

The home in which I grew up was situated on the outskirts of this town where the sprawl of council housing gave way to grassy undeveloped land. The ambient sounds of summer were a mix of birds…

Roo’s garden and soon-to-be paddock

Rewilding… where do you start? You might start with the land.

Having grown up on a council estate and spending most of my adult life moving within and between cities, land has been a thing I have not had access to. Not that I’ve seen a place for land in my life until fairly recently.

While being shown around the house we ended up renting, we were offered the opportunity to rent the acre-sized paddock next to our (huge) garden. The estate agent suggested it would be a good move for privacy but also talked casually about the idea of…

Photo by Peter Jan Rijpkema on Unsplash

Chances are most of the things people do on the weekends involve spending money. Shopping, going to the Cinema, attending an art show. Parks are our only non-transactional spaces where someone might choose to spend time.

Parks are where you can go to unwind, decompress from city life and experience ‘nature’. The problem with most inner-city parks, is that you don’t get to experience nature at all. Parks are inherently man-made creations, even our most famous ones. They weren’t patches of the natural world as it existed before we colonized the space around it, but rather planned and engineered to…

Roo Williams

Developer, designer and maker. City quitter. Exploring the concept of rewilding self and environment in South Wales.

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